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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Download the latest version of the process templates

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To manually add features and functionality to a team project that has been upgraded to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013, you download one of the default process templates TFS provides.

  1. If you aren’t a member of the Project Collection Administrators group, get added. You need the Manage process template permission set to Allow to download and manage process templates.

  2. From Visual Studio or Team Explorer, open the process template manager, download the latest process template that is compatible with the one used to create your team project.

    Open Process Template Manager
    Tip Tip

    To download or upload process templates, you must connect to TFS 2013 from either Visual Studio 2013 or Team Explorer 2013.

  3. Download the process template that you need. You'll see all the process templates that have been uploaded to TFS for your team project collection.

    Select process template to work with

    The Upload, Download, Make Default, and Delete buttons are disabled when you don’t have the necessary permissions to manage process templates.

    For example, if you are updating a team project based on the Scrum process template, then select Microsoft Visual Studio for Scrum 2013 or later version. If you don't see Scrum 2013 or Agile/CMMI 2013 or later versions, then you need to update TFS.

    To determine the type of process template that was used to create your team project, review the work item types that appear in the New Work Item menu for Team Explorer and then compare them with the work item types in the following chart. If your work item types differ from those shown listed, then a custom process template might have been used.

    Visual Studio Scrum

    MSF for Agile

    MSF for CMMI

    Scrum work items Agile work items CMMI work items
  4. Save the process template to a folder of your choice.

A: You can learn more about the contents of each file and folder you just downloaded, and how to customize the template from the following topics: Customize a Process Template.