Game Content References

The content projects that you construct and add to in your XNA Game Studio solution identify and organize the art assets that can be used by your game. If you want your game to use these assets, the Content References node for the game project must include a reference to each asset.

When the game project is built, all assets within the referenced content projects are compiled, creating Content Pipeline objects that are appropriate for the game project's designated platform. This enables multiple game projects within a single solution (for example, Windows and Xbox 360 verions) to reference a common set of content projects.

To add a new content reference to your game project

  1. Open an XNA Framework game or library project in XNA Game Studio.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right-click the game project, and then click Add Content Reference.
  3. In the Add Content Reference dialog box, select one of the content folders offered on the Projects tab page.

Only content projects that are part of the game solution are listed in the Add Content Reference dialog box. To add an existing content project to a solution, see How to: Add a Game Content Project.

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