Debugging a Windows Phone Game

Discusses issues that apply to debugging Windows Phone games on your retail console.

The following features are unavailable when debugging a Windows Phone game with XNA Game Studio:

Interop DebuggingDebug both managed and native code simultaneously.
Assembly DebuggingDebug only your assemblies and not system assemblies.
Edit and ContinueEdit the binary content of your game without interrupting your debugging session.
Exception InterruptingStop unhandled exceptions before they unwind so the user can make changes and retry the operation.
Debugger VisualizersDisplay a more informative view of a specific data type, such as XML data.
Exception Assistant SupportThe additional features provided by Exception Assistant are unavailable when debugging Windows Phone games. Information on exceptions is provided by the standard Exceptions dialog box within XNA Game Studio.
Debugging a Running ProcessAttach the debugger to a process that is currently executing.

To debug a game

Debugging a Windows Phone game is similar to the process for deploying your game, with one exception.

  • On the Debug menu, click Start Debugging instead of Deploy Solution. Alternatively, press F5.

    Your game will begin executing immediately after it is successfully deployed to the emulator or device.

To run game without debugging

  • Click Start Without Debugging on the Debug menu.

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