Bing Maps SOAP Services Transaction Accounting


This documentation is no longer available on MSDN. It is available as a CHM or PDF download. For the newest Geocoding, Imagery, Routing and Traffic services, see Bing Maps REST Services. 

Transactions are counted for each Bing Maps SOAP Services request sent with a valid Bing Maps Key. For information about transactions for the Bing Maps SOAP Services and how to view them, see Viewing Bing Maps Usage Reports.


If you are using tokens retrieved from the Bing Maps Token Service in your Bing Maps SOAP Services application please upgrade your application to use Bing Maps Keys. The Bing Maps Token Service will be retired on March 30, 2012. For information about upgrading your application to use Bing Maps Keys, see Migrating from Tokens to Keys.

Information about transaction accounting for the Bing Maps Token Service is in Viewing Bing Maps Token Transaction Reports.