We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: View Data and Diagnostic Attachments Using the Load Test Analyzer

Before you run a load test, you can select a test setting that specifies the diagnostic and data adapters that you want to use. After the load test is finished, you use the Load Test Analyzer to view the details for those diagnostic and data adapters while you analyze the results. For more information, see Distributing Load Test Runs Across Multiple Test Machines Using Test Controllers and Test Agents.

To view the data and diagnostic adapter details, choose the View Data and Diagnostic attachments button on the Load Test Analyzer's toolbar. For example, if the load test had the system information adapter configured in the test setting, you can view the system information for the machine that was used when the load test was run.

Choose Diagnostic Data Adapter dialog box

Choosing Diagnostic Data Adapter Attachment dialog

Another example is a load test that includes the IntelliTrace adapter in the test setting. The IntelliTrace adapter enables you to open the IntelliTrace Summary page.

IntelliTrace Summary for a load test

IntelliTrace Summary

For more information, see Setting Up Machines and Collecting Diagnostic Information Using Test Settings and Debugging Code Faster by Reviewing its History with IntelliTrace.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate

To view data and diagnostic attachments in a load test from the Load Test Analyzer

  1. After a load test is completed, or after you open a load test result, in the Load Test Analyzer's toolbar, choose View Data and Diagnostic attachments.

    The Choose Diagnostic Data Adapter dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the diagnostic data adapter attachment that you want to analyze and then choose OK.