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How to: Export Graph View Data to Microsoft Excel

You can export the graph data to Microsoft Excel by using the Export Graph Data to Excel button on the Load Test Analyzer toolbar while in the Graphs view. For more information, see Load Test Analyzer Overview.

Note Note

  You can also use the drop-down list on Export Graph Data to Excel button to select Export Graph Data to Test (.csv) to export to a comma separated text file.

If you are exporting the data with the intension of using it for reporting purposes, it is recommended that you use the built-in reporting functionality instead. For more information, see Reporting Load Tests Results for Test Comparisons or Trend Analysis.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate

To export graph data to Microsoft Excel

  1. In the Load Test Analyzer, choose Graphs on the load test toolbar.

    This displays load test results in graphs.

  2. On the Load Test Analyzer toolbar, choose Export Graph Data to Excel button on the toolbar.

    Microsoft Excel opens and presents the graph data as shown in the following illustration.

    Microsoft Excel with Exported Graph Data

    Microsoft Excel with exported graph data
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