Table of SharePoint Events, Event Receivers, and Event Hosts

SharePoint 2010

Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The Microsoft SharePoint Foundation event model restricts the events that can be defined by each event receiver class, and restricts the host types that can be associated with each event receiver type. The tables that follow list the allowable associates with respect to event types, event receiver type, and event host type.

Each of the following tables represents a set of event types (Site events, Web events, List events, List Field events, and Item events) in SharePoint Foundation. The table then lists the allowable event receiver base types from which that event can inherit to define that event (or event collection). Finally, the table lists which object types are capable of hosting the event receivers.

The columns for each of these tables are organized as follows:

  1. Events. Lists the available events for the event type (site, web, list, etc.)

  2. Receiver Base Class. Lists the SharePoint event receiver base classes that you can inherit from to define the event collection.

  3. Event Host Type. Lists the types of SharePoint objects (SPSite, SPWeb, etc.) to which each of the event receivers is able to bind.

Each table, then, provides a list of event types, the event receivers that define them and the event host types that can bind to the specified receiver.

Site Events

Web Events

List Events

List Field Events

Item Events