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How to: Select the Active Run Setting for a Load Test

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After you create your load test with the New Load Test Wizard, you can use the Load Test Editor to change the scenarios properties to meet your testing needs and goals. For more information, see How to: Create a New Load Test Using the New Load Test Wizard.

A load test can contain one or more run settings which are a set of properties that influence the way a load test runs. Run settings are organized by categories in the Properties window. When a load test is run, it uses the run setting that is currently set as active.


For a complete list of the run settings properties and their descriptions, see Load Test Run Setting Properties.

If your load test contains only one run setting node under the Run Settings folder, that node is always the active node. If your load test contains multiple run settings nodes, you can select the one to use when you run a load test. For more information, see, see How to: Add Additional Run Settings to a Load Test.

In the Load Test Editor, the active run setting is identified by the "[Active]" suffix.

To select the active run setting in a load test

  1. Open a load test.

  2. Expand the Run Settings folder.

  3. Right-click the run settings node that you want to be the active node, and then click Set As Active.

    In the Load Test Editor, the affected run setting node is updated with the "[Active]" suffix.

    The run setting selected becomes active, and remains active until you select a different run setting to be active.


You can override the active run setting by setting an environment variable named Test.UseRunSetting=<run setting name>. This is useful when you run a load test from the command line or from a batch file. This lets you choose different run settings without opening your load test.

Specifying the Run Setting to Use from the Command Line

You can override the default run settings in your load test by setting an environment variable from the command line:

Set Test.UseRunSetting=PreProdEnvironment

And the run the test:

mstest /testcontainer:loadtest1.loadtest