3.1 HTML 4.01 Test: Frame target names must start with an alphabetical character (a-z, A-Z)

Test case: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Test/HTML401/current/tests/6_16-BF-01.html

The specification states:

 Frame target names (%FrameTarget; in the DTD) must begin with an alphabetic 
 character.  User agents should ignore all other target names.

The test case states:

Verify that the user agent ignores target names that do not start with an alphabetical character (a-z, A-Z).

Frameset code:

<frameset cols="50%, 50%" rows="50%, 50%">

<frame src="6_16-BF-01a.html">

<frame src="6_16-BF-01b.html" name="two">

<frame src="6_16-BF-01c.html">

<frame src="6_16-BF-01d.html" name="4four">


Bottom left frame code:

<p>This is 6_16-BF-01c.html</p>

<p>When you click on <a href="6_16-BF-01f.html" target="4four">this link</a>,

6_16-BF-01f.html should load in THIS WINDOW, NOT in the window where 6_16-BF-

01d.html is now. According to the spec, user agents must ignore target names

that do not begin with an alphabetic character.</p>

Expected results:

Bottom left frame loads the content of 6_16-BF-01f.html.

Bottom right frame (target="4four") does not load any new content.

Actual results for all document modes (all versions):

Bottom right frame (target="4four") loads the content of 6_16-BF-01f.html.


The value of the name attribute for the bottom right frame of the frameset is set to "4four". Because this string value begins with a numeric character instead of an alphabetic character, the value should be ignored and the content loaded into the bottom left frame (the link container).

Based on the actual results, Internet Explorer fails this test case for all document modes (all versions).

See Also

Section 2.2.5