Overview - IIS Smooth Streaming Format SDK

Overview - IIS Smooth Streaming Format SDK

IIS 7.0

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The Microsoft Smooth Streaming Format (SSF) SDK provides documentation, tools, and samples that you can use to create applications that package encoded video and audio bit-streams for the on-demand Smooth Streaming scenario.

The components of the SDK include:

  1. A static-linked packaging library ssfsdk.lib, along with appropriate header files, that delivers f-MP4 wrapping capability to an application for any video and audio codec

  2. Sample binaries.

  3. Sample code and documentation.


The sample code can be found with the Smooth Streaming Format SDK installation in the Samples folder.

This specification describes the functionality and parameters of the SSF SDK API. This API has been designed to handle any type of encoded video and audio bit-stream (e.g. H.264, VC-1, WMA, AAC). Encoding applications will use this API to convert encoded bit-streams into f-MP4 files conforming to the requirements for Smooth Streaming.

Your application will call into the SSF library and provide settings information about the input video and audio compressed bit-streams. This will enable the SSF library to create the 'moov' box, for use in the f-MP4 file header. Subsequently, your application will feed compressed video and audio payload into the SSF library, until enough data has been provided to package one fragment/chunk. The application will then request the f-MP4 buffer for transmitting to the IIS server or to cache to disk. When the entire video/audio bit-stream has been processed, the application can request the index information 'mfra' box as well as appropriate manifest data.

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