Sample Coded UI Test Extension for Excel


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The extension component of the sample runs in the Visual Studio Coded UI Test process and is somewhat hierarchical with the ExtensionPackage class at the base. The TechnologyManager, ActionFilter, and PropertyProvider classes are at the next level, with the control elements at the top level.

Excel Test Extension Architecture
Excel Extension Architecture

These classes represent the extension points that are implemented in the sample to enable coded UI testing for Microsoft Excel.


Inherited from the UITestExtensionPackage class, this is the entry point for the coded UI testing extension. Implementing this abstract class gives the coded UI testing framework internal access to your custom UI test technology manager, UI test property provider, and UI test action filter for testing the new UI. For more information, see ExtensionPackage Class.


Inherited from the UITechnologyManager class, this class provides a technology manager for test recording and playback. For more information, see TechnologyManager Class.


Inherited from the UITestActionFilter class, this class provides a base class for aggregating similar test action results into a single test result. For more information, see ActionFilter Class.

Technology Elements

A base class inherited from the UITechnologyElement class provides the foundation for the technology elements in your UI tests that can be recorded and played back. For more information, see Element Classes.


Inherited from the UITestPropertyProvider class, this class provides a base class for supporting the properties of UI elements for test recording and playback. For more information, see PropertyProvider Class.

ExtensionPackage Class
TechnologyManager Class
ActionFilter Class
Element Classes
PropertyProvider Class