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Vwa.Page Class Methods

apps for Office and SharePoint

Last modified: August 06, 2011

Applies to: apps for SharePoint | SharePoint Server 2013

The following table lists the methods of the Vwa.Page Class class.



Vwa.Page.centerViewOnShape Method

Sets the position of the page so that the specified shape is centered in the viewport.

Vwa.Page.getId Method

Returns the unique identifier of the active page within the document.

Vwa.Page.getPosition Method

Returns an anonymous object that specifies the position of the page in the view.

Vwa.Page.getSelectedShape Method

Returns the Vwa.Shape Class object that represents the currently selected shape.

Vwa.Page.getShapes Method

Returns the collection of shapes on the active page.

Vwa.Page.getSize Method

Returns an anonymous object whose height and width property values specify the size of the rendered page.

Vwa.Page.getZoom Method

Gets the viewport's zoom level.

Vwa.Page.isShapeInView Method

Returns true if the specified shape is visible in the viewport; otherwise, returns false.

Vwa.Page.setPosition Method

Sets the position of the page in the view.

Vwa.Page.setSelectedShape Method

Sets the current selection to the specified shape.

Vwa.Page.setZoom Method

Sets the viewport's zoom level.

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