Vwa.VwaControl.refreshDiagram Method

Last modified: June 21, 2012

Applies to: apps for SharePoint | SharePoint Server 2013

Refreshes the current Web drawing page with data from the server.

var value = VwaControl.refreshDiagram()

Void Returns nothing.

The refreshDiagram method is an asynchronous operation that triggers an update of the Web drawing's content, issuing a request to the server for the new diagram content if necessary. The method then returns immediately, without waiting for the server to send the new content back to the client. After you call the refreshDiagram method, you cannot subsequently address the current instance of the VwaControl or of any other object in the Vwa namespace. The correct way to follow up on a call to refreshDiagram is to create a handler for the Vwa.diagramcomplete Event and to reinstantiate those objects in that event handler.

If you call the refreshDiagram method while Visio Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is updating the content of the Web drawing, the method throws an exception.