Search Management Queue (SMQ)


The Search Management queue is where all the SUDs are queued when changes are made to the PST contents. There MUST be exactly one instance of the SMQ in each PST, and it is identified by a special NID value of NID_SEARCH_MANAGEMENT_QUEUE (0x1e1). Implementation-wise, it uses a basic queue node described in section, and each of the items in the SMQ is a SUD Structure described in section The SMQ is the master FIFO queue of all pending search activity in the PST.

Any implementation that modifies the contents of the PST queues SUD entries that correspond to the sequence and nature of the modification into the SMQ, according to the rules specified in section Failure to queue the SUD entries or queuing the SUD entries out-of-order results in search Folder objects going out of sync with the actual contents.