Exception Thrown_V1 ETW Event

.NET Framework (current version)

This event captures information about the exceptions that are thrown.

The following table shows the keyword under which the event is raised, and the level of the event. (For more information, see CLR ETW Keywords and Levels.)

Keyword for raising the eventLevel
ExceptionKeyword (0x8000)Warning (2)

The following table shows event information.

EventEvent IDRaised when
ExceptionThrown_V180A managed exception is thrown.

The following table shows event data.

Field nameData typeDescription
Exception Typewin:UnicodeStringType of the exception; for example, System.NullReferenceException.
Exception Messagewin:UnicodeStringActual exception message.
EIPCodeThrowwin:PointerInstruction pointer where exception occurred.
ExceptionHRwin:UInt32Exception HRESULT.
ExceptionFlagswin:UInt160x01: HasInnerException (see CLR ETW Events in the Visual Basic documentation).

0x02: IsNestedException.

0x04: IsRethrownException.

0x08: IsCorruptedStateException (indicates that the process state is corrupt; see Handling Corrupted State Exceptions on MSDN).

0x10: IsCLSCompliant (an exception that derives from Exception is CLS-compliant; otherwise, it is not CLS-compliant).
ClrInstanceIDwin:UInt16Unique ID for the instance of CLR or CoreCLR.

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