The Policy Actions File path to the project 'value1' resolved to 'value2'. The project was not found at that location, so it could not be loaded. Relative path names are not supported for this tag; an absolute path must be provided. 

This project is governed by development policies defined in a Visual Studio policy file. This file could not be located.

Most often, this problem results from the referenced policy file not being located in the IDE\Policy\Definitions directory. If it is not in that directory, the absolute path must point to its actual location.

To solve this problem

  1. Check the location specified in the message box and place the policy file there. If a full path is not shown in the message box, make sure the policy file is in the IDE\Policy\Definitions directory.

  2. As an alternative, examine the Policy File property of the project in the Properties window. Make sure it specifies a file in the IDE\Policy\Definitions directory or a valid and connected full path.

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