This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

NavigationButton.BackStyle Property (Access)

You can use the BackStyle property to specify whether a control will be transparent. Read/write Byte.

Version Added: Access 2010

expression .BackStyle

expression A variable that represents a NavigationButton object.

The BackStyle property uses the following settings.


Visual Basic




(Default for all controls except option group) The control has its interior color set by the BackColor property.



(Default for option group) The control is transparent. The color of the form or report behind the control is visible.

You can set the default for this property by using a control's default control style or the DefaultControl property in Visual Basic.

If the Transparent button on the Back Color button palette is selected, the BackStyle property is set to Transparent; otherwise the BackStyle property is set to Normal.

To make a command button invisible, set its Transparent property to Yes.