How to: Set the Building Blocks That You Can Use for a Content Control

A document building block is a predesigned piece of content, such as a cover page or a header or footer. Microsoft Word 2010 includes a library of document building blocks that users can choose from to insert into a document.

A ContentControl Object (Word) object with a ContentControl.Type Property (Word) property value of wdContentControlBuildingBlockGallery specifies a content control that can contain document building blocks.

The WdBuildingBlockTypes enumeration contains each building block type. You can only use the following building block types within a building block gallery content control:

  • AutoText

  • Tables

  • Equations

  • Quick Parts

  • Custom 1 though Custom 5

  • Custom AutoText

  • Custom Tables

  • Custom Equations

  • Custom Quick Parts

For more information about content controls, see Working with Content Controls.

The objects used in this sample are:

The following code sample instantiates a building block gallery content control and then adds a building block to the content control.

Sub SetBuildingBlock()
    Dim strTitle As String
    strTitle = "My Equation"
    Dim objContentControl As ContentControl
    Set objContentControl = ActiveDocument.ContentControls _
    objContentControl.Title = strTitle
    objContentControl.BuildingBlockType = wdTypeEquations
End Sub