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TextBox.RunningSum Property (Access)
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TextBox.RunningSum Property (Access)

You can use the RunningSum property to calculate record-by-record or group-by-group totals in a report. Read/write Byte.

expression .RunningSum

expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.

The RunningSum property specifies whether a text box on a report displays a running total and lets you set the range over which values are accumulated. For example, you can group data by month and show the sum of each month's sales in the group footer. You can show the running sum of accumulated sales over the entire report (sales for January in the January footer, sales for January plus February in the February footer, and so on) by adding a text box to the footer that shows the sum of sales and setting its RunningSum property to Over All.

The RunningSum property uses the following settings.


Visual Basic




(Default) The text box displays the data from the underlying field for the current record.

Over Group


The text box displays a running sum of values in the same group level. The value accumulates until another group level section is encountered.

Over All


The text box displays a running sum of values in the same group level. The value accumulates until the end of the report.

Note Note

The RunningSum property applies only to a text box on a report.

Place the text box in the Detail section to calculate a record-by-record total. For example, to number the records appearing in a detail section of a report, set the ControlSource property for the text box to "=1", and set the RunningSum property to Over Group.

Place the text box in a group header or group footer to calculate a group-by-group total.

You can have up to 10 nested group levels in a report.

The following example sets the RunningSum property for a text box named SalesTotal to 2 (Over All):

Reports!rptSales!SalesTotal.RunningSum = 2
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