FootnoteOptions Object (Word)
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FootnoteOptions Object (Word)

Represents the properties assigned to a range or selection of footnotes in a document.

Use the Range or Selection object to return a FootnoteOptions object. Using the FootnoteOptions object, you can assign different footnote properties to different areas of a document. For example, you may want footnotes in the introduction of a long document to be displayed as lowercase letters, while in the rest of your document they are displayed as asterisks. The following example uses the NumberingRule, NumberStyle, and StartingNumber properties to format the footnotes in the first section of the active document.

Sub BookIntro() 
 Dim rngIntro As Range 
 'Sets the range as section one of the active document 
 Set rngIntro = ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Range 
 'Formats the EndnoteOptions properties 
 With rngIntro.FootnoteOptions 
 .NumberingRule = wdRestartPage 
 .NumberStyle = wdNoteNumberStyleLowercaseLetter 
 .StartingNumber = 1 
 End With 
End Sub
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