Application.SmartTagTypes Property (Word)

Office 2010

Returns a SmartTagTypes collection that represents the smart tag types for the smart tag components installed in Microsoft Word.

expression .SmartTagTypes

expression An expression that returns an Application object.

A smart tag type is a single item in a smart tag component. Smart tag components can contain multiple smart tag types. For example, the Address (English) smart tag list installed on English systems by default contains a name smart tag type, a street smart tag type, and a city smart tag type, to name just a few. The SmartTagTypes collection contains all smart tag types for all components installed on a user's computer.

The following example loops through the SmartTagTypes collection. If the SmartTagType is the Address smart tag, then it reloads the recognizers and handlers for that smart tag.

Sub GetSmartTagsTypes() 
 Dim objSmartTagType As SmartTagType 
 Dim strSmartTagType As String 
 strSmartTagType = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com" & _ 
 For Each objSmartTagType In Application.SmartTagTypes 
 If objSmartTagType = strSmartTagType Then 
 With objSmartTagType 
 End With 
 End If 
End Sub