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EmptyCell.ShortcutMenuBar Property (Access)
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EmptyCell.ShortcutMenuBar Property (Access)

You can use the ShortcutMenuBar property to specify the shortcut menu that will appear when you right-click on the specified object. Read/write String.

Version Added: Access 2010

expression .ShortcutMenuBar

expression A variable that represents an EmptyCell object.

Note Note

The ShortcutMenuBar property applies only to controls on a form, not controls on a report.

You can also use the ShortcutMenuBar property to specify the menu bar macro that will be used to display a shortcut menu for a datasheet, form, form control, or report.

To display the built-in shortcut menu for a database, form, form control, or report by using a macro or Visual Basic, set the property to a zero-length string (" ").

When used with the Application object, the ShortcutMenuBar property enables you to display a custom shortcut menu as a global shortcut menu. However, if you've set the ShortcutMenuBar property for a form, form control, or report in the database, the custom shortcut menu of that object will be displayed in place of the database's global shortcut menu. You can display a different custom shortcut menu for a specific form, form control, or report by setting its ShortcutMenuBar property to a different shortcut menu. When the form, form control, or report has the focus, the custom shortcut menu for that object is displayed when the user clicks the right mouse button; otherwise, the global shortcut menu for the database is displayed.

Shortcut menus aren't available to any object if the AllowShortcutMenus property is set to False.

The following example sets the "Suppliers_Toolbar" as the custom shortcut menu to display when the user clicks the right mouse button on the "Suppliers" form.

Forms("Suppliers").ShortcutMenuBar = "Suppliers_Toolbar"
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