Attachment.Change Event (Access)

The Change event occurs when the contents of the specified control change.

Version Added: Access 2007

expression .Change

expression A variable that represents an Attachment object.

Return Value


Note Note
  • Setting the value of a control by using a macro or Visual Basic doesn't trigger this event for the control. You must type the data directly into the control, or set the control's Text property.

  • This event applies only to controls on a form, not controls on a report.

To run a macro or event procedure when this event occurs, set the OnChange property to the name of the macro or to [Event Procedure].

By running a macro or event procedure when a Change event occurs, you can coordinate data display among controls. You can also display data or a formula in one control and the results in another control.

The Change event doesn't occur when a value changes in a calculated control.

Note Note

A Change event can cause a cascading event. This occurs when a macro or event procedure that runs in response to the control's Change event alters the control's contents — for example, by changing a property setting that determines the control's value, such as the Text property for a text box. To prevent a cascading event:

  • If possible, avoid attaching a Change macro or event procedure to a control that alters the control's contents.

  • Avoid creating two or more controls having Change events that affect each other — for example, two text boxes that update each other.