Application.ThisWorkbook Property (Excel)
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Application.ThisWorkbook Property (Excel)

Office 2010

Returns a Workbook object that represents the workbook where the current macro code is running. Read-only.

expression .ThisWorkbook

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Use this property to refer to the workbook that contains your macro code. ThisWorkbook is the only way to refer to an add-in workbook from inside the add-in itself. The ActiveWorkbook property doesn't return the add-in workbook; it returns the workbook that's calling the add-in.

The Workbooks property may fail, as the workbook name probably changed when you created the add-in. ThisWorkbook always returns the workbook in which the code is running.

For example, use code such as the following to activate a dialog sheet stored in your add-in workbook.


This property can be used only from inside Microsoft Excel. You cannot use it to access a workbook from any other application.

This example closes the workbook that contains the example code. Changes to the workbook, if any, aren't saved.

                      ThisWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False
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