This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference.FullPath Property (Access)

The FullPath property returns a string containing the path and file name of the referenced type library.

expression .FullPath

expression A variable that represents a Reference object.

If the IsBroken property setting of a Reference object is True, reading the FullPath property generates an error.

The following example prints the value of the FullPath, GUID, IsBroken, Major, and Minor properties for each Reference object in the References collection:

Sub ReferenceProperties() 
 Dim ref As Reference 
 ' Enumerate through References collection. 
 For Each ref In References 
 ' Check IsBroken property. 
 If ref.IsBroken = False Then 
 Debug.Print "Name: ", ref.Name 
 Debug.Print "FullPath: ", ref.FullPath 
 Debug.Print "Version: ", ref.Major & "." & ref.Minor 
 Debug.Print "GUIDs of broken references:" 
 Debug.Print ref.GUID 
 Next ref 
End Sub