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LineFormat Object (Word)
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LineFormat Object (Word)

Represents line and arrowhead formatting. For a line, the LineFormat object contains formatting information for the line itself; for a shape with a border, this object contains formatting information for the shape's border.

Use the Line property to return a LineFormat object. The following example adds a blue, dashed line to the active document. There is a short, narrow oval at the line's starting point and a long, wide triangle at its endpoint.

With ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddLine(100, 100, 200, 300).Line 
 .DashStyle = msoLineDashDotDot 
 .ForeColor.RGB = RGB(50, 0, 128) 
 .BeginArrowheadLength = msoArrowheadShort 
 .BeginArrowheadStyle = msoArrowheadOval 
 .BeginArrowheadWidth = msoArrowheadNarrow 
 .EndArrowheadLength = msoArrowheadLong 
 .EndArrowheadStyle = msoArrowheadTriangle 
 .EndArrowheadWidth = msoArrowheadWide 
End With
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