AdditionalData Object (Access)

Represents the collection of tables and queries that will be included with the parent table that is exported by the ExportXML method.

To create an AdditionalData object, use the CreateAdditionalData method of the Application object.

To add a table to an existing AdditionalData object, use the Add method.

The following example exports the contents of the Customers table in the Northwind Traders sample database, along with the contents of the Orders and Orders Details tables, to an XML data file named Customer Orders.xml.

Sub ExportCustomerOrderData() 
 Dim objOrderInfo As AdditionalData 
 Set objOrderInfo = Application.CreateAdditionalData 
 ' Add the Orders and Order Details tables to the data to be exported. 
 objOrderInfo.Add "Orders" 
 objOrderInfo.Add "Order Details" 
 ' Export the contents of the Customers table. The Orders and Order 
 ' Details tables will be included in the XML file. 
 Application.ExportXML ObjectType:=acExportTable, DataSource:="Customers", _ 
 DataTarget:="Customer Orders.xml", _ 
End Sub