PageSetup Object (Word)

Represents the page setup description. The PageSetup object contains all the page setup attributes of a document (such as left margin, bottom margin, and paper size) as properties.

Use the PageSetup property to return the PageSetup object. The following example sets the first section in the active document to landscape orientation and then prints the document.

ActiveDocument.Sections(1).PageSetup.Orientation = _ 

The following example sets all the margins for the document named "Sales.doc."

With Documents("Sales.doc").PageSetup 
 .LeftMargin = InchesToPoints(0.75) 
 .RightMargin = InchesToPoints(0.75) 
 .TopMargin = InchesToPoints(1.5) 
 .BottomMargin = InchesToPoints(1) 
End With