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Y-axis Automatic Rescale

WPA automatically adjusts the Y-axis on a graph. For example, in the folowing screen shot the Y-axis has been scaled to 200 in order to accommodate the large set of buckets that occurs between 32 and 34 seconds of the trace.

Screen shot of a Disk I/O graph

When zooming to the time interval from 0 to 10 seconds WPA automatically scales back the Counts as shown in the following screen shot. Automatic rescale affords the user a more well defined view of smaller values and illustrates the time sequence of value changes more clearly.

Screen shot of a Rescaled Disk I/O graph

Additionally, the Y-axis will be rescaled to accommodate values from the legend. For example, a single legend value could cause the graph to scale for a large Y-axis value. If the user removes that legend value using the checkbox, the graph will automatically rescale.



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