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The Stack Action

The stack action produces a text file that summarizes the various metrics regarding stacks. The usage for this action is:

-a stack [-butterfly [<min_hits>]] 
         [-export <format>]  
         [-pid <pid> ...] 
         [-tid <tid> ...]  
         [-process <process_name_regex> ...]  
         [-symbol <symbol_name_regex> ...]  
         [-event <event_name_regex> ...] 

Option Description

butterfly [<min_hits>]

Display the butterfly view of stacks in this trace, including only symbols that have at least <min_hits> uni-inclusive/multi-inclusive hits. The default is <min_hits> = 10.

-range lo [hi]

Limit report to interval [lo, hi]. (Default: lo = 0; hi = _I64_MAX)

pid <pid> ...

Include only stacks from processes with matching process ID

tid <tid> ...

Include only stacks from threads with matching thread ID

process <process_name_regex> ...

Include only stacks from processes with matching name

symbol <symbol_name_regex> ...

Include only stacks that contain symbols with matching name

event <event_name_regex> ...

Include only stacks for events with matching name




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