The Boot Prefetch Action

The Boot Prefetch action collates and summarizes events relevant to boot when using On/Off Trace Capture Tool.

 xperf -i <trace file> ... [-o <output>] -a bootprefetch ...

Option Description


Show the summary of boot prefetching


Dump ReadyBoot events with earliness information


Show the disk time breakdown during boot prefetching.


If the -events option is used the -pattern option may be used

Option Description


Dump also overlapping events when dumping events


If the -pattern option is used, -type name may be used.

Option Description

-type name

Dump only specific type of events when dumping events in pattern view

name is one of the five types: hit, prefetch, miss, pend, and write


If the -events option is used the -range option may be used.

Option Description

-range t1 t2

Process ReadyBoot events completed between times T1 and T2.


If no report type is selected, default is to show the summary.



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Build date: 5/5/2012