Displays the profile options.

Action invocation:
xperf -i <trace file> ... [-o <output>] -a profile

Action help:
profile [-util [n]] [-detail] [-range T1 [T2]]


-util [n]

Show CPU utilization for n second intervals, the default is one second.


Show CPU samples bucketed by process and module if symbol decoding is not enabled and by process and function name if symbol decoding is enabled.

-range T1 [T2]

Show data between times T1 and T2, both in us. If T2 is not present, the end of the trace is used instead.


Show constant sampling frequency zones in the trace.


If no report type is selected, the default is to show CPU utilization report.

Use the command xperf-help symbols for help on how to enable symbol decoding.



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Build date: 5/5/2012