Overview: Displays CPU resources consumed when servicing Deferred Procedure Calls, as in the following screen shot.

Screen shot of a window showing the percentage of total CPU time spent servicing DPC queues

Graph Type: Usage graph

Y-axis Units: Percentage of CPU usage

Required Flags: DPC

Events Captured: DPC events

Legend Description: Displays active CPUs on the system.

Graph Description: This graph displays the percentage of the total CPU resource each processor spends servicing Deferred Procedure Calls. Deferred Procedure Calls (DPCs) are on a queue specific to each processor. DPCs provide the operating system with the capability to handle interrupts without blocking other hardware interrupts. For more information on this topic see Windows Internals by David A. Solomon and Mark E. Russinovich (4th edition, Microsoft Press, 2005).



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Build date: 5/5/2012