Disk Utilization by Process

Overview: Displays disk utilization aggregated by process, as shown in the following screen shot.

Screen shot of a window showing disk utilization aggregated by process

Graph Type: Usage graph

Y-axis Units: Displays the percentage of disk throughput capacity being used at a given point in time


Events Captured: Disk I/O events, Kernel and user mode Image Load/Unload events, Process and Thread create/delete

Legend Description: Lists processes that performed IO during the trace period.

Graph Description: Displays disk utilization by process. Using the legend to filter the data you can determine utilization by disk and by priority. In order to aggregate disk I/O across multiple disks use the summary table that can be open from this graph. See Summary Tables for more information on this topic.

Disk utilization by process is a key indicator of disk based bottlenecks as disk access is measured in milliseconds while CPU cycles are measured in nanoseconds representing an orders of magnitude difference of 106.



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Build date: 5/5/2012