Disk I/O Detail

Overview: Displays disk activity as offsets, as shown in the following screen shot.

Screen shot of a Disk I/O Detail graph

Graph Type: Usage graph

Y-axis Units: Displays the color coded map of disk throughput based on process. Disk flushes are displayed as red vertical lines.

Required Flags: DISK_IO

Events Captured: Disk I/O, File I/O and SysConfig

Legend Description: Offset, in bytes, of disk activity

Graph Description: The Disk I/O detailed graph gives a geometric interpretation of the read, write, flush and seek operations on each physical disk attached to the system at the start of the trace. The X-axis represents time. The Y-axis represents the offset on the physical disk and spans all partitions on that physical disk. The disk I/Os that are presented in the graph are grouped in series by process.

Hovering with the mouse will display tooltips based on the location of the cursor. These tooltips can include:

  • Type of activity-Read, Write, Flush, Seek

  • Initialization time

  • Completion time

  • Device name

  • Process and thread

  • Priority



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Build date: 5/5/2012