This section provides sample tasks that involve the Microsoft Outlook Calendar folder.

How to: Share Free/Busy Schedule Within a Specified Period in a Calendar

Obtains the free/busy schedule within a specified week from a calendar and displays the free, busy, and subject details to the user.

How to: Share Calendar Information Through E-Mail

Shares information from a calendar by e-mail in the iCalendar format.

How to: Display a Shared Calendar of a Recipient

Displays a recipient's shared calendar by using the CreateRecipient(String) and GetSharedDefaultFolder(Recipient, OlDefaultFolders) methods.

How to: Save a Calendar to Disk

Saves an entire calendar to disk in the iCalendar (.ics) file format.

How to: Open and Display the Contents of an iCalendar File

Opens and displays the contents of an iCalendar file, depending on whether the file contains a single or recurrent appointment, or the file contains a group of appointments.