This section provides sample tasks that involve e-mail accounts. Examples of e-mail accounts are Microsoft Exchange Server, Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) accounts. An account for the current profile is represented by an Account object.

How to: Get Account Information

Takes as an input argument a trusted Microsoft Outlook Application object, and uses the Account object to display the details of each account that is available for the current Outlook profile.

How to: Create a Sendable Item for a Specific Account Based on the Current Folder

Contains two code examples that show how to create a sendable e-mail item and meeting request, and then to send them by using a specific account that is based on the current folder.

How to: Get the Account for a Folder

Gets the account that is associated with a folder in the current session.

How to: Get Information About Multiple Accounts

Obtains and displays miscellaneous information about each account in the current profile.

How to: Send a Mail Item by Using a Hotmail Account

Uses the SendUsingAccount property to send a mail item by using a Windows Live Hotmail account.