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Customizing or Changing Colors (Image Editor for Icons)


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The Image editor's Colors palette initially displays 16 standard colors. In addition to the displayed colors, you can create your own custom colors. You can then save and load a customized Color palette.

To change colors on the colors palette

  1. From the Image menu, choose Adjust Colors.

  2. In the Custom Color Selector dialog box, define the color by typing RGB or HSL values in the appropriate text boxes or choose a color in the Gradient Color Display box.

  3. Set the luminosity by moving the slider on the Luminosity bar.

  4. Many custom colors are dithered. If you want the solid color closest to the dithered color, double-click the Color box.

    If you later decide you want the dithered color, move the slider on the Luminosity bar or move the cross hairs in the Gradient Color Display box again to restore the dithering.

  5. Click OK to add the new color.

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