Compiler Warning (level 3) C4522


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class' : multiple assignment operators specified

The class has multiple assignment operators of a single type. This warning is informational; the constructors are callable in your program.

Use the warning pragma to suppress this warning.

The following sample generates C4522.

// C4522.cpp  
// compile with: /EHsc /W3  
#include <iostream>  
using namespace std;  
class A {  
   A& operator=( A & o ) { cout << "A&" << endl; return *this; }  
   A& operator=( const A &co ) { cout << "const A&" << endl; return *this; }   // C4522  
int main() {  
   A o1, o2;  
   o2 = o1;  
   const A o3;  
   o1 = o3;