CComMultiThreadModelNoCS Class
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CComMultiThreadModelNoCS Class 

CComMultiThreadModelNoCS provides thread-safe methods for incrementing and decrementing the value of a variable, without critical section locking or unlocking functionality.

class CComMultiThreadModelNoCS

CComMultiThreadModelNoCS is similar to CComMultiThreadModel in that it provides thread-safe methods for incrementing and decrementing a variable. However, when you reference a critical section class through CComMultiThreadModelNoCS, methods such as Lock and Unlock will do nothing.

Typically, you use CComMultiThreadModelNoCS through the ThreadModelNoCS typedef name. This typedef is defined in CComMultiThreadModelNoCS, CComMultiThreadModel, and CComSingleThreadModel.


The global typedef names CComObjectThreadModel and CComGlobalsThreadModel do not reference CComMultiThreadModelNoCS.

In addition to ThreadModelNoCS, CComMultiThreadModelNoCS defines AutoCriticalSection and CriticalSection. These latter two typedef names reference CComFakeCriticalSection, which provides empty methods associated with obtaining and releasing a critical section.

Header: atlbase.h

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