Default ATL Project Configurations


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This topic compares the default ATL project configurations in Visual C++ .NET with the default project configurations in Visual C++ 6.0.

In Visual C++ .NET, the ATL Project Wizard creates two project configurations by default.

Visual C++ .NET Configurations

ConfigurationCharacter setUse of ATL

Character set, Use of ATL and can all be changed in the Project Settings dialog under the General tab. You can also add your own configurations using the Configuration Manager. For details, see Build Configurations.

In Visual C++ version 6.0, the ATL COM AppWizard (now called the ATL Project Wizard) created six project configurations by default. The configurations were variations on Release, Debug, Unicode, and use of CRT and ATL settings. All these configurations can be duplicated in Visual C++ .NET using the Configuration Manager, if so desired.

Version 6.0 Configurations

ConfigurationCharacter setUse of ATL
Debug UnicodeUNICODEStatic
Release Min DependencyMBCSStatic
Release Min Dependency UnicodeUNICODEStatic
Release Min SizeMBCSDLL
Release Min Size UnicodeUNICODEDLL

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