How to: Deserialize an Object


When you deserialize an object, the transport format determines whether you will create a stream or file object. After the transport format is determined, you can call the Serialize or Deserialize methods, as required.

To deserialize an object

  1. Construct a XmlSerializer using the type of the object to deserialize.

  2. Call the Deserialize method to produce a replica of the object. When deserializing, you must cast the returned object to the type of the original, as shown in the following example, which deserializes the object into a file (although it could also be deserialized into a stream).

    MySerializableClass myObject;  
    // Construct an instance of the XmlSerializer with the type  
    // of object that is being deserialized.  
    XmlSerializer mySerializer =   
    new XmlSerializer(typeof(MySerializableClass));  
    // To read the file, create a FileStream.  
    FileStream myFileStream =   
    new FileStream("myFileName.xml", FileMode.Open);  
    // Call the Deserialize method and cast to the object type.  
    myObject = (MySerializableClass)   

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