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Retrieves source files by compiland and name.

HRESULT findFile ( 
   IDiaSymbol*           pCompiland,
   LPCOLESTR             name,
   DWORD                 option,
   IDiaEnumSourceFiles** ppResult


[in] An IDiaSymbol object representing the compiland to be used as a context for the search. Set this parameter to NULL to find source files in all compilands.


[in] Specifies the name of the source file to be retrieved. Set this parameter to NULL for all source files to be retrieved.


[in] Specifies the comparison options applied to name searching. Values from the NameSearchOptions enumeration can be used alone or in combination.


[out] Returns an IDiaEnumSourceFiles object that contains a list of the source files retrieved.

If successful, returns S_OK; otherwise, returns an error code.

IDiaEnumSourceFiles* pEnum;
pSession->findFile( NULL, L"sourcefile.cpp", nsFNameExt, &pEnum );
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