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 The NETLOGON_DELTA_TYPE enumeration defines an enumerated set of possible database changes.

 typedef  enum _NETLOGON_DELTA_TYPE
   AddOrChangeDomain = 1,
   AddOrChangeGroup = 2,
   DeleteGroup = 3,
   RenameGroup = 4,
   AddOrChangeUser = 5,
   DeleteUser = 6,
   RenameUser = 7,
   ChangeGroupMembership = 8,
   AddOrChangeAlias = 9,
   DeleteAlias = 10,
   RenameAlias = 11,
   ChangeAliasMembership = 12,
   AddOrChangeLsaPolicy = 13,
   AddOrChangeLsaTDomain = 14,
   DeleteLsaTDomain = 15,
   AddOrChangeLsaAccount = 16,
   DeleteLsaAccount = 17,
   AddOrChangeLsaSecret = 18,
   DeleteLsaSecret = 19,
   DeleteGroupByName = 20,
   DeleteUserByName = 21,
   SerialNumberSkip = 22

AddOrChangeDomain:  Adds or changes a domain Security Account Manager (SAM) account.

AddOrChangeGroup:  Adds or changes a group SAM account.

DeleteGroup:  Deletes a group SAM account.

RenameGroup:   Renames a group SAM account.

AddOrChangeUser:   Adds or changes a user SAM account.

DeleteUser:   Deletes a user SAM account.

RenameUser:  Renames a user SAM account.

ChangeGroupMembership:   Changes a group membership record.

AddOrChangeAlias:   Adds or changes an alias.

DeleteAlias:   Deletes an alias.

RenameAlias:  Renames an alias.

ChangeAliasMembership:   Changes the membership record for an alias.

AddOrChangeLsaPolicy:   Adds or changes an LSA policy.

AddOrChangeLsaTDomain:   Adds or changes a trusted domain account.

DeleteLsaTDomain:   Deletes a trusted domain account.

AddOrChangeLsaAccount:   Adds or changes an LSA user or machine account.

DeleteLsaAccount:   Deletes an LSA user or machine account.

AddOrChangeLsaSecret:   Adds or changes an LSA encrypted data block.

DeleteLsaSecret:   Deletes an LSA encrypted data block.

DeleteGroupByName:   Deletes a group account based on a string name.<59>

DeleteUserByName:   Deletes a user account based on a string name.<60>

SerialNumberSkip:   Updates the database serial number.<61>

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