This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

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This dialog box allows you to change the default settings for the Code/Text Editor. Default settings also affect other editors based upon the Code/Text Editor, such as the HTML Designer's Source view. You can access the Options dialog box from the Tools menu.

Note   This page sets options for all languages. To change options for only one language, expand the tree on the left and select the language. Also, when you see gray checkmarks in check boxes, such as Line Numbers or Navigation, that indicates that some programming languages have this option selected and others do not.

Statement Completion

Auto list members
When selected, a list of available members of a given object or class displays at the appropriate places when you enter a line of code.
Hide advanced members
When selected, certain members internally marked as "advanced" are hidden from view in the statement completion list. Advanced members are those that exist only for infrastructure purposes, but still must be publicly viewable. This option allows you to filter them from view if you do not need to see them.
Parameter information
When selected, parameter information displays for the function or procedure, if any is available.


Enable virtual space
When selected, allows you to move the cursor beyond the physical end of a line of text into character spaces that do not exist. If you move your cursor out into this area and begin typing, the void between your current position and the end of the last word is automatically filled with space characters. When this setting is not selected, you cannot move the cursor beyond the last character in a line.
Word wrap
When selected, lines that extend horizontally beyond the visible range of the Editor are automatically wrapped to the next line.


Line numbers
When selected, a line number displays to the left of each line of text.
Enable single-click URL navigation
When selected, URLs embedded in the text require only a single mouse click to navigate to their Web page.
Navigation bar
When selected, displays the Procedures and Objects boxes at the top of the document. This allows you to navigate to a particular object or procedure within that object.

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