2.1.2 Stream


A file of the type specified by this document consists of storages and streams as specified in [MS-CFB]. Each binary stream or substream (section 2.1.3) that contains workbook data MUST be written as a series of binary records (section 2.1.4) as specified in section 2.1.7.

The valid storages, streams, and substreams in a file of the type specified by this document are specified in section 2.1.7.

A workbook MUST contain the workbook stream (section, with at least one sheet (1) substream (Worksheet Substream (section, Chart Sheet Substream (section, Macro Sheet Substream (section, or Dialog Sheet Substream (section that follows the Globals Substream (section

This document uses Augmented Backus-Naur Form (ABNF) as specified in [RFC5234] to specify the record sequence for streams and substreams that contain binary records.