This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this member function to get the ActiveX control property specified by dwDispID.

void GetProperty( 
   DISPID dwDispID, 
   VARTYPE vtProp, 
   void* pvProp  


Identifies the property to be retrieved.


Specifies the type of the property to be retrieved. For possible values, see the Remarks section for COleDispatchDriver::InvokeHelper.


Address of the variable that will that will receive the property value. It must match the type specified by vtProp.

GetProperty returns the value through pvProp.


This function should be called only on a CWnd object that represents an ActiveX control.

For more information about using this member function with ActiveX Control Containers, see the article ActiveX Control Containers: Programming ActiveX Controls in an ActiveX Control Container.

Header: afxwin.h