This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data User Interface Elements

This section contains information about all the dialog boxes and wizards that you use when designing data access in your Visual Basic or Visual C# applications.

In This Section

Add Dataset Dialog Box
Puts an existing typed dataset or a new untyped dataset (an instance of the System.Data.Dataset class) onto a form or component.
Advanced SQL Generation Options Dialog Box
Allows you to control how SQL statements or stored procedures are created for a data adapter by specifying options for updates, optimistic concurrency, and refreshing the dataset.
Collection Editors
Provides links to topics about different collection editors that allow you to create and edit individual members of a collection.
Data Adapter Configuration Error Dialog Box
Displays one or more errors that occurred while Visual Studio was attempting to create an instance of a data adapter and set its properties.
Data Adapter Configuration Wizard
Configures SQL commands or stored procedures that a data adapter uses to read data into a dataset from a database and write it back again. The topic describes how to run the wizard and what to do after the wizard has completed.
Data Adapter Preview Dialog Box
Allows you to see how data will be filled into a dataset by a data adapter, which is useful for testing that the adapter is returning the data you expect, that table mappings work properly, and the effect of different parameter values.
Data Form Wizard
Creates data-bound Windows Forms or Web Forms pages. The topic describes how to run the wizard, what options you can choose, and what the wizard generates.
Data Source Login Dialog Box
Allows you to request access to a data source (typically a database) for which you have not already been authenticated.
Database Projects User Interface Elements
Provides links to reference topics about dialog boxes associated with Database projects.
Dataset Properties Dialog Box
Displays the structure and properties of a dataset and its members in a read-only, hierarchical window.
Foreign Key Constraint Dialog Box
Allows you to place a foreign key constraint on one or more columns in a dataset table that is related to another table.
Generate Dataset Dialog Box
Allows you to generate a new typed dataset from information provided by one or more data adapters and to add tables to an existing dataset.
Include Password with Connection String Dialog Box
Allows you to control if user id and password values (credentials) are embedded into a connection string.
Preview SQL Script Dialog Box
Appears as part of the Data Adapter Configuration Wizard to allow you to see the SQL script the wizard will use to create stored procedures to read and write data.
Relation Dialog Box
Allows you to create a relationship (a DataRelation object) that maintains information about parent-child records in two data tables in a dataset.
Table Mappings Dialog Box
Allows you to specify which columns in a database table or other data source are equivalent to columns in a dataset table.
Unique Constraint Dialog Box
Allows you to place a unique constraint on one or more columns in a table in an untyped dataset.
XML Designer
Provides a set of visual tools for working with XML Schemas, ADO.NET datasets, and XML documents.

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