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How to: Retrieve Text from the Clipboard (C++/CLI)


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The following code example uses the GetDataObject member function to return a pointer to the IDataObject interface. This interface can then be queried for the format of the data and used to retrieve the actual data.

// read_clipboard.cpp  
// compile with: /clr  
#using <system.dll>  
#using <system.Drawing.dll>  
#using <system.windows.forms.dll>  
using namespace System;  
using namespace System::Windows::Forms;  
[STAThread] int main( )  
   IDataObject^ data = Clipboard::GetDataObject( );  
   if (data)  
      if (data->GetDataPresent(DataFormats::Text))   
         String^ text = static_cast<String^>  
         Console::WriteLine("Nontext data is in the Clipboard.");  
      Console::WriteLine("No data was found in the Clipboard.");  
   return 0;  

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