This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using the Visual Basic Editor

In addition to the core user interface features that Visual Studio provides, Visual Basic adds some to help with productivity and ease of use.

Visual Basic Settings

Describes how to optimize your experience working in the development environment.

Visual Basic IntelliSense Code Snippets

Introduces a library of code that you can access from within the development environment.

How to: Edit Code Attributes

Discusses how to use the Properties window to apply and edit attributes for your types and members.

Refactoring and Rename Dialog Box (Visual Basic)

Describes the mechanism for renaming identifiers in your code.

Visual Basic 6.0 Default Shortcut Keys

Has links to various pages that list shortcut keys.

Help for Event Handlers in Visual Basic Code

Demonstrates how to get F1 Help on an event handler.

How to: Compile and Run a Project in Visual Basic

Describes your options for compiling and running from within the development environment.

Edit and Continue (Visual Basic)

Discusses the debugging feature that enables you to make changes to your code while it is executing in Break mode.

Smart Compile Auto Correction

Describes how this feature suggests corrections when errors occur, allowing you to pick a solution to be applied to the code.

Configuring Warnings in Visual Basic

Describes how you can turn warnings off or have warnings treated as error messages.